1st International Conference of the Jean Monnet Module on European Union Insurance Law: Challenges in the SDG Era

his module is owned by Prof. Doctor Margarida Lima Rego, President of AIDA Portugal. Also part of the scientific coordination of the conference is Prof. Doctor Maria Elisabete Ramos, Vice-President of AIDA Portugal, and Prof. Marival Bolívar Oñoro, associate of AIDA Spain.

This conference is the first in a series of Annual Conferences. The support of AIDA Europe and the Erasmus+ funding, from the European Commission, allow us to receive world-renowned speakers from various parts of the globe, with a view to promoting the various themes that arise in this context, with the aim of assuming a active role in the preparation, discussion and open access dissemination of public policy recommendations, based on data that contribute to the promotion of the SDGs.

This first edition will be dedicated to SDG 3: Quality Health. The aim is to explore the important role played by the insurance sector in promoting the health and well-being of the entire population in contemporary societies.