With effect from 6 February 2017, two previously formed scientifically-oriented sub-committees, the AIDA Europe Academic/Student Sub-Committee and the AIDA Europe Scientific Council, were merged to become the AIDA Europe Scientific Committee. 

Its designated Mission is to assist with the identification of the topics for the AIDA Europe Conferences, to manage the books of the AIDA Europe Studies on Insurance Law and Regulation, as well as any Awards to Young Authors and further to provide the content for, and to support the management, of the Network of Universities engaging in the AIDA Summer Schools and to support any other academic work. 

AIDA Europe’s Scientific Committee has a particular focus upon supporting the development of young academic talents by sponsoring and by inviting young academics and professionals to its conferences with Calls for Papers (see Young AIDA and Young AIDA Europe).

Present Chair and Members of AIDA Europe Scientific Committee: